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Eagles Draft Picks: Julian Vandervelde, Fifth Round

With the 161st overall pick from the Jets, the Eagles took offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde from Iowa.

The 6-2, 301 pound Vandervelde projects as a guard in the NFL. He’s athletic and can pull in the running game while also getting to the second level on blocks. Vandervelde said the player he compares himself to is Casey Weigmann of the Kansas City Chiefs

I really respect Casey Weigmann of the Chiefs. A former Hawkeye himself we have a lot in common. Just seeing how long he has lasted in the NFL and his attitude and toughness that he brings to the game. He isn’t over-sized and is very tough and smart. He is very durable. He takes hits and keeps coming back and has had a lot of success in the NFL.

Also Vandervelde might have the best tidbit of any player in this draft. When President Obama visited the University of Iowa, it was Vandervelde who sung the national anthem.