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NFL Draft: Philadelphia Eagles Select Greg Lloyd Jr, Son Of Steelers Legend

Call this “The Bloodlines Draft.” With the 237th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Eagles selected UConn LB Greg Lloyd, who is the son of Pittsburgh Steelers great Greg Lloyd Sr. Unfortunately the family ties stop with the bloodlines. Lloyd Jr does wear his father’s number, but the two are estranged and don’t speak. Greg Lloyd Sr was not a great guy in his post football career to say the least. He was arrested sticking a gun in his son’s mouth when the 12 year old brought home bad grades. He was tried twice in that case, resulting in two hung juries. He later was arrested for pointing a gun at his ex wife, Greg Jr’s mother.

So suffice to say, it makes sense that Lloyd Jr doesn’t have any contact with his pop. He did get some of the good genes though. He’s 6-2, 259 and is known as a big hitter. He’s not incredibly quick however which limits his ability to get sideline to sideline. He’s a nasty presence in the box however.

Of course, there’s one really big negative.In 2009 he tore both his ACL and MCL against Syracuse in the second to last game of the year. He managed to get in only seven games last year. It’s a speculative pick, but this is the 7th round we’re in… If he can get back from a pretty nasty injury, the Eagles could potentially have found themselves a player here. But he’s a long shot like all 7th rounders.