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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jimmy Smith To The Eagles In Latest SB Nation Mock

The latest edition of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft from SB Nation looks a lot like last week's, especially from the perspective of the Philadelphia Eagles. They still have them taking Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith. Here is their rationale.

Philadelphia's most pressing needs lie along the offensive line and in the secondary. They may target overall value if they can't find a good fit at either positional hole, but luckily for them, Smith - despite character concerns - fits like a glove.

Since Smith plays all the way out in Colorado and he didn't get a lot of exposure playing on a pretty bad team, you can head over to our Draft blog Mocking The Draft for more information on him. hey say he is an above-average athlete, a good tackler, and very good at jump-ball situations against the wide receiver. He has very good size for a cornerback, and should be a very physical presence. He would be a good foil across the formation from Asante Samuel, who is more of a finesse corner.