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ESPN Analysts Rank Andy Reid As Third Best Coach In NFL

Everybody seems to love lists. Sports fans in particular enjoy them as they invite healthy debate. For some odd reason, the term 'power rankings' seems to have become part of sports fans' lexicon when talking about lists. Typically, power rankings order teams, but this offeason, the team of NFL writers at ESPN has started an individual power rankings series. On Tuesday, they published they tallied their votes to determine who they collectively think are the best head coaches in the National Football League.


Here's how the top five looks after their votes were counted:

  1. Bill Belichick
  2. ↵
  3. Mike Tomlin
  4. ↵
  5. Andy Reid
  6. ↵
  7. Mike McCarthy
  8. ↵
  9. Sean Payton
  10. ↵

Patriots head coach Bill Belichik all eight of the first place votes. After that, some variance can be found in how the eight voted. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid was edged by Mike Tomlin of the Steelers by just a single for second place honors. But outside of Belichik, only Reid ranked no lower than fifth on anyone's ballot. And for what it's worth, senior analyst John Clayton, whose opinion I trust far more than his seven colleagues on the panel, had Reid at second.


Just another list to help us get through another long NFL offseason. You'll either be happy or disappointed to know that this is just one of many individual power rankings in their planned series this offseason.