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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jimmy Smith Still Linked To The Eagles

Just in case you weren't aware, SB Nation has a blog that is dedicated to everything NFL Draft, and it is called (quite ironically) Mocking The Draft. They've rounded up contributors from all of SB Nation's NFL team blogs to participate in a Community Mock Draft of the first two rounds that will go right up until the actual draft in April.

For the Eagles, they went to Bleeding Green Nation Editor and our very own Jason Brewer, and he chose Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith. Here is his rationale.

We’ve heard rumors that he’s overly cocky, but we heard those same things about DeSean Jackson, and look how that turned out. A lot of teams outsmarted themselves taking guys like Devin Thomas and Jerome Simpson before him. A lot of teams probably did the same thing last year with Dez Bryant. The Eagles have never shied away from taking guys with character concerns, and I know they recently had Smith in for a visit to Philadelphia. Assuming he carried himself reasonably well in that face to face interview, I don’t think the Eagles would have any reservations about taking him.

Mocking the Draft contributor Dan Kadar reacts to the pick.

There are a load of reasons why this pick makes sense and why it's been mocked nearly all off-season. First and foremost, Philadelphia needs a cornerback in a bad way. Asante Samuel is on one side, but the other is a huge unknown following Ellis Hobbs' career-ending injury. So from a need standpoint, Smith fills arguably Philadelphia's biggest hole.