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Philadelphia Eagles' Quintin Mikell Would Like To See NFL's Latest Proposal

Soon to be free agent Eagles safety Quintin Mikell would like to see the most recent proposal the owners made to the players in an attempt to to come to an agreement on a new CBA. The only problem? The NFLPA doesn't seem to want to show him, the rest of the players or their agents.

Mikell tweeted today "You know Joe Linta has a valid point. Why can't we see the last proposal the owners made?"

He's referring to NFL agent Joe Linta, who recently gave an interview to a Pittsburgh area newspaper blasting the player's association for not allowing him or his players to see the owners' latest proposal. He says that if the players saw the offer, there's a chance they might accept it. So he's going to the owners.

"I'd like to see it myself so when I talk to my 45 guys, I can show them what it is - since there is no union,'' Linta said, referring to the decertification of the NFL Players Association as a union March 11. "I would like (Steelers owner) Mr. Rooney to forward the offer to me. I represent two percent of the union, I'm not insignificant. Let me ask you something, who has the players' back more, the players union or the player's agent? Why can't I get copy of this and disseminate it to my players?"


We've already seen today that David Akers has contacted union leadership to urge them to get a deal done. It could very well be a growing sentiment among players and their agents. Linta says that since 8th circuit court signaled that it's likely to rule against the players on June 3rd, it means the lawsuit route has not really worked and he doesn't seem to get what the NFLPA is hoping to accomplish by continuing litigation.

"Now what? Does the union go to the Supreme Court? That will take until October. It’s over. These guys are driving these players right off a cliff right now."