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NFL Lockout News: Owners Reportedly Accepting Of New Deal

Last week, it was reported that there were a few owners that were showing some resistance to the rumored parameters of a new CBA. However, the Washington Post is reporting today that the details of the deal that has been presented to the owners today have been met with very little dissent.

Despite reports of concerns by some owners, it appeared that the level of dissent was relatively modest as the meeting began in a hotel near O’Hare Airport. There was widespread expectation that Goodell would be able to address the group’s reservations and emerge with the authority to finish a deal with the players.

It's good news to hear that the owners appear to approve of the general parameters of the deal, because judging from the details we've seen, there really aren't many reasons why the players shouldn't be ok with the deal.

Just to catch up on a few more of the details that we've gotten recently, The cap is rumored to be somewhere between $141 million to $151 million per team this coming season. Also, players would only need four years of NFL service to become unrestricted free agents. That means that players like Stewart Bradley, whose contract is up and has played four years, will be free to sign anywhere. Under the terms of the last year of the CBA, a player needed six years to get to unrestricted free agency.