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He's Back! McNabb Joins Former Teammates for Workouts

He's a way. Former Philly quarterback Donovan McNabb garnered some attention this week after joining former teammates for some informal workouts in New Jersey, marking the first time McNabb has been with members of the Eagles roster since early last offseason, before he was dealt to the rival Redskins as part of what turned out to be a favorable trade for the City of Brotherly Love.


Spotted running through various agility drills and other exercises with Eagles like Juqua Parker, Jamaal Jackson, and Trevor Laws, McNabb was around the area for the dedication of The McNabb Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Voorhees Replacement Hospital, for which he provided a hefty donation. It's unclear how long he'll be sticking around to practice with a few of his former colleagues, but the six-time Pro-Bowler seemed to enjoy catching up with his old teammates--and so did they.


"Well, you communicate with them," McNabb said, "but to actually see them and work with them is a wonderful thing. To see Jason Avant and those guys over there so, everybody is trying to get better until this lockout's over."


Jamaal Jackson had similar thoughts, and was happy to be around the man he snapped the ball to along the offensive line for five years. "It was real good," he said. It was refreshing hearing that laugh, that chuckle that you could probably hear from a mile away. It was good seeing him. I'll try to bait him up to stay out here a little while longer. With all the changes going on with the team, it's just nice to know that you can still keep in contact with the guy...whatever happens with him...I hope for the best for him and his family. Of course he's gone through a lot and it's been publicized, but he's been a strong guy throughout and as far as I've known him and he'll pull through."