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NFL Lockout News: Deal Close, But July 21 Still Appears To Be Official End Date

It appears as though our long national nightmare is just about over. Many sources are reporting that all the major terms of a new CBA have been hammered out and an announcement could be made within days, if not hours.

However, the important thing is that whenever the new deal is announced, it won’t be official until the owners ratify it, which would happen on July 21st when the owners meetings in Atlanta commence. So an announcement that a deal has been reached will signal the end of the lockout, but it won’t be officially over until the owners vote on it.

Now when that happens, it appears as though the owners will get a three day window starting on July 22 to negotiate with their own free agents. There will be no right of first refusal as the owners wanted, but they will have a chance to talk with their pending free agents before frenzy begins, which seems fair.

Then on July 25th, the floodgates open and player movement will commence. That means trades, free agency… The NFL will truly feel like it’s back that day. Just a few days later, training camps will likely commence, which means we could be seeing free agents signing one day and showing up to camp the next or a few days later. It certainly won’t be the best thing for getting them integrated in to the team and taught the system… but it sure will be exciting.