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NFL Lockout News: Players Leaving DC Without Voting, Talks Called "Tenuous"

Over the past couple weeks fans have been told by nearly every media outlet in the country that the NFL lockout was nearing an end, all the major issues had been hammered out and the agreement on a new CBA was basically a done deal. As has been the case all summer however, that may not be entirely true... NFL network's Jason LaCanfora is reporting that player reps are leaving DC and that no vote to approve the new CBA was taken. It had been widely reported that the players would likely vote today and the owners would ratify the agreement tomorrow.

At this point, that does not seem likely. LaCanfora does say however, that a vote could be taken later via conference call. However, you have to wonder how after a day of meetings in which the players left... why they'd suddenly be ready to call in and vote later on?

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks is also reporting that the status of the CBA is not nearly as rosy as everyone has been saying.

NFL source said status of CBA is more "tenuous'' than is widely thought. And it's still too early to know if vote will happen today on schedule.

He also said that the start of free agency was "a moving target' and that no decision has been made on the Hall Of Fame game. That game is supposed to take place August 7th, so really you'd have to be kidding yourself if you think teams could be prepared to play a game by then. Even if it is mostly scrubs and fifth stringers. 

That said, Banks did assure his twitter followers that "tenuous" doesn't necessarily mean doomsday.

An observation worh adding:"Tenuous'' doesn't mean deal won't happen. Just means things might not be as solid as believed. Steady, folks.