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NFL Lockout News: Players Unlikely To Vote On CBA Tonight

It’s been interesting to see the narrative of the events of today and yesterday be spun in every different direction. As of now, it appears as though we all may have been sold a bill of goods by the owners (just like all summer) about the very logistics of this deal.

Yesterday, the news was that the players were “supposed” to vote on the new CBA. Later we learned that was never the case. Not only did the players not intend to vote that day, they didn’t really even have something to vote on. And when the owners approved their deal today, the players literally did not even have the document to look at until very recently.

Essentially, the owners approved the deal they drew up, which to be fair has been mostly all the stuff that was agreed upon, and said to the players “here you go, sign it!” So at this point, the players are just beginning to go over the actual document that was sent to them by the owners. When you consider that, it’s pretty easy to see why the players wouldn’t even hold a vote tonight. They still need to go over everything to ensure that it’s all what they’ve agreed to previously.

So, while the players may not hold a vote tonight or even tomorrow, that doesn’t necessarily mean the union will not ratify the deal. All they are really saying at the moment is that they need to look it over. How on earth the two sides did not have the same document is beyond me. It’s so ridiculous that it almost defies belief, yet here we are. The players say they haven’t seen this exact proposal and need to go over it.

Over the course of them doing that, it’s certainly possible that other issues could come up. One of the issues that the players say they never agreed to with the owners the supplemental revenue sharing plan that Roger Goodell mentioned. That plan will share revenue with franchises if they are distressed or in need of money. That may or not may not be a plan that the NFLPA is ok with.

The players have until Tuesday to accept this deal. They will be allowed back into team facilities this weekend even if they have not yet accepted it.