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NFL Lockout: Players Drop Concession Demands In Brady Lawsuit

One of the hangups in getting a deal done this past week was the the owners expected that all lawsuits between the two sides would be dropped as a condition of agreeing to a new labor deal. The players, or more specifically, those named in the Brady Bunch lawsuit, or even more specifically, Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson wanted $10 million settlements or unrestricted free agency as a settlement to the lawsuit.

Mankins later came out and said that he never requested the settlement, but his union lawyer did. He apparently backed off, but Jackson, despite insisting on twitter that he was making no demands, still was according to reports.

Now however, Albert Breer is reporting that the NFLPA has gotten all 10 plaintiffs in the Brady Bunch lawsuit to drop all demands for concessions. That puts them in line with the owners on that issue and presumably one step closer to ending this whole thing.