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Players Reportedly Set To Vote On Agreement Monday

When the owners ratified the new CBA last Thursday, the players responded with shock, despite the fact that we'd heard for a month the owners would vote on it when the met in Atlanta. Immediately we were inundated with tweets of players claiming the owners approved "their own deal" and tried to "sneak things in" to the agreement.

The players then all took the airwaves claiming that they would not be rushed or pressured into a signing a deal! They needed time to read over this agreement, which they all seem to claim they never saw. This despite the fact that they spent the better part of the entire summer negotiating every little detail of it.

Now that the initial reaction has calmed, it appears as though the deal wasn't some trick by the owners. It was in fact, pretty much the same deal the two sides have spent hundreds of hours hammering out. So after spending the weekend proving that they "will not be rushed," the players now appears set to meet in Washington on Monday to vote (and presumably ratify) the new CBA.

The two sides have exchanged some phone calls this weekend, but no face to face meetings took place. Reportedly, the biggest detail that was talked about was giving the players some more time to reform as a union. Previously, the owners were insisting they do so before starting a new league year. Of course, Vincent Jackson dropping his demand of $10 million dollars helped as well.

So barring anything unforseen, the players should take a vote on Monday and the NFL will likely start a new league year on Wednesday, at which point all hell will break loose.