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Breaking Down The Brett Favre-To-Philadelphia Suggestions

Brett Favre has been linked to the Eagles in a report that's gone national. Have we reached the precipice of lockout insanity? Or does this story actually have legs? Here are a few thoughts.

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After hearing of Howard Eskin's report on NBC Sports late last night that indicated the Eagles have legitimate interest in, of all people, Brett Favre as a potential backup to Michael Vick in 2011, I'd be willing to place a decent-sized bet that many fans believe we've reached the precipice of lockout insanity. Just think of that scenario: Brett Favre backing up Michael Vick for the Philadelphia Eagles. What a surreal thought. But Eskin, citing anonymous sources, says it's "possible," "it's not a rumor," and that Philly truly is intrigued at the possibility of bringing in Favre for a 21st season at the professional level. Does this story actually have legs, or is it another of the wild speculative, imaginative ideas of this work stoppage-affected offseason? Here are a few thoughts:

Several weeks ago, when Favre rumors actually first surfaced as a result of Garry Cobb saying the ageless wonder would make sense as a reserve for the Birds, I published some random points about why Favre would and wouldn't fit in with Philadelphia this season at Bleed Green, but here's a general rundown of pros and cons (can you believe we've actually come to listing positives and negatives of Favre as a target of the Eagles?):

Why Brett Favre Would Fit The Eagles:

First and foremost, Favre is experienced. When you have more than two decades of experience in the NFL, I think it's fair if you're called a seasoned veteran, and that's exactly what the Eagles are likely to look for if/when Kevin Kolb is dealt. If Vick would go down with an injury, Favre certainly would know how to step in for a spot start or two. 

The Eagles tend to keep an eye on players that have previous connections with staff members, and Favre has just that. He worked with both Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg before, and he knows the West Coast offensive system the two operate. There'd likely be little need for him to "adjust" to the Eagles' scheme, especially if he'd just be manning a backup role. 

Favre would be a stopgap solution until Mike Kafka is ready to take the field as a legitimate backup, and he's also got Super Bowl experience.

Why Brett Favre Would Not Fit The Eagles:

His ego could pose problems. If I have to explain this, you probably haven't been paying attention to the NFL for the last five or so years. Bringing him in would almost certainly create a circus in Philadelphia. 

Would he be willing to take a backup role/minimal contract with the Eagles? He'd sure garner attention for returning to the league, but a serious question is how much he'd actually have interest in playing a smaller-than-usual role for Philadelphia. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of Favre's potential connection with the Birds is the fact he's in retirement. Sure, he's returned to the NFL countless times before, but there's no guarantee he'd want to make another run at the game as a backup, behind another attention-getting superstar in Vick.

My Prediction/Final Thoughts: Brett Favre inks a five-year deal worth approximately $50 million, takes over as the starter by Week 4, completes his scheme to take over the NFL...along with Plaxico Burress, Reggie Bush, and Albert Haynesworth on the team. Seriously, though, I can't say I believe a Favre-to-Philly move is likely; it's just a far-fetched speculative idea at this point. But if the move happens, I honestly wouldn't be completely surprised, and to tell the truth, I don't think I'd be totally opposed to it. Sure, Favre can be one of the most annoying players in the league, and I, too, have had enough of his retirement antics among other things. I also believe there are a number of other capable veterans that would fit in just fine behind Vick. However, I believe Favre would bring a ton of experience to the QB position (i.e. Kafka) and, under the right circumstances and with a proper relationship with Reid and others, I don't think he'd necessarily be a bad addition, especially as simply a short-term option for an in-it-to-win-it organization.