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NFL Rumors: Seahawks Interest In Kevin Kolb "Has Not Regressed"

With the free agent and trade frenzy set to begin tomorrow at 10 am, nearly everyone expects Eagles QB Kevin Kolb to be traded. The only question is where and for what? According to Adam Caplan, the fight still appears to be on in the NFC West over who will win the race for Eagles QB Kevin Kolb.

Continue to hear the Seahawks' interest in Kolb has not regressed. KK still is expected to go to the Cards. But if things break down.....
Over the last week, we've basically assumed that Kevin Kolb is a Cardinal. Beat reporters from Arizona have been saying that Kolb is their #1 priority, he's been holding secret workouts with Larry Fitzgerald, supposedly house hunting in Arizona, Joe Banner has said they'll be calling the Cards...

So while the narrative has been that Kolb is bound for the desert, the fact is that nothing is a done deal. When the NFL opens for business tomorrow at 10am, Kolb is up for sale to the highest bidder. If the Seahawks come in with a big offer, he could absolutely be in the Pacific Northwest.