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Philadelphia Eagles Sign Chas Henry, Punter From Florida

With current punter Sav Rocca a free agent, the Eagles grabbed themselves a punter, Chas Henry from Florida. Henry won the 2010 Ray Guy award, given to the nation’s top punter and was a consensus first team All-American.

With the Eagles plans at punter unclear, Henry probably has a real shot at making the roster. While I would say that it is likely that Sav Rocca is at least brought back to camp, your job as an NFL punter can never be assumed to be safe. So if Henry does well at camp, he could absolutely win the job.

Should he win the job, the Eagles will enter the year with two rookies as kickers. The team drafted Alex Henery out of Nebraska in the fourth round of the draft this year to replace David Akers as placekicker.

So will we see Henery and Henry kicking at the Linc next season? Of course, as the Giants can attest, it can be risky going with a rookie punter.