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Kevin Kolb Trade Rumors: Cardinals Deal Not Imminent

After hearing rumors all offseason, everyone assumed that Kevin Kolb would be traded minutes within the start of NFL free agency. Now that we're about two and half hours in, that has proven not to be the case and now several reports say that teams are in no rush to get a deal done. Clark Judge of CBS Sports reports "source close to cards, eagles told me reports that kolb trade imminent are 'very premature.'"

Kent Somers, Cardinals beat writer for the Arizona Republic, says he hears the same thing. NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora says that a reason a trade won't happen as fast as some thought was that any deal for Kolb could be contingent on a teams' ability to sign him to a new contract.

Any Kolb trade would have to include contract negotiations with his new team, and the market remains now as it was expected -- the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals have interest. Kolb also could end up remaining in Philadelphia as well if the Eagles cannot get what they deem to be fair value.

Don Banks of appeared on NFL Network and said that "it may take a few days" as the Eagles and Cardinals wrangle over a deal, but he expects one to get done and expects CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie will be part of the deal.