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Kevin Kolb Trade Rumor Update: Cardinals Looking At Several QBs

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The Arizona Republic's Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers wrote an update this afternoon on the status of Arizona's search for a new starting QB. Somers says they've been engaged in some with basically every available QB on the market. They've discussed trades with the Eagles and Broncos for either Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton as well as kicked the tires on free agents Matt Hasselbeck & Marc Bulger.

One way or the other, Arizona looks likely to find themselves a new starting quarterback in the near future. The question is who and when? In a press conference this afternoon head coach Ken Whisenhunt said that it was too complicated to pull off one of these deals in one day and therefore doesn't expect to acquire a QB today.

There will be some pressure to get a deal done soon however. Hasselbeck is reportedly drawing serious interest from the Titans, the Seahawks are pursuing a trade for Kolb and the Dolphins have been discussing Orton. So unless they want to get left with Marc Bulger, the Cardinals will have to strike soon if they want to get their #1 target, whoever that may be.