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Redskins Rumors: Shanahan Desperate To Keep Albert Haynesworth From Eagles

RedskinsOLB Brian Orapko spoke to the media in DC today and declared "This year we’re not going through all that Albert nonsense…" in reference to $100 million flop Albert Haynesworth. Certainly Orapko is not the only guy in the Skins organization to feel that way and the general thought is that the team will be happy to get rid of Albert.

But how do they that? According to Clark Judge, they will attempt to trade him, even if they can only get a 7th round pick. Why? Because Mike Shanahan is deathly afraid of Haynesworth going to Philadelphia to reunite with Jim Washburn, under whom he had so much success in Tennessee.

“They’ll give him away for a ham sandwich instead of cutting him and running the risk of his showing up in Philadelphia,” our source said.

Haynesworth is set to make about $13 million over the next two years, so while he’s still expensive, it’s not crazy money. That said, it’s far too much if a team thinks that Albert won’t give them much more than he gave Washington. So the real problem for the Skins is not what a team is willing to give up, rather what they’re willing to take on.