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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Eagles In Talks With Jason Babin

Last year, the Eagles let Jason Babin, who had been a disappointment here, leave for the Tennessee Titans. He went on to rack up 12.5 sacks and make his first pro bowl there. The Eagles then hired Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn away and the speculation began that Babin would be interested in following him back to Philadelphia. Speculation by the way, that Babin himself fueled earlier this offseason.

"[Jim Washburn] is the guy that gave me the chance," Babin told The Tennessean newspaper. "He's the guy who poured water on me, let me have sunshine, gave me fertilizer, and really let me grow. It would be hard for me not to contemplate it if he said, ‘Jason, I want you in Philly.’ He resurrected me. I’d have to at least give that serious consideration."

This afternoon, PFT reported that the Eagles are one of the top three teams Babin is talking to.

There are a few issues however. Last year was Babin's first in which he had more than five sacks. He is 31 years old... What about either of those makes him sound like a typical Eagles free agent target? Not much... The Eagles need to decide whether last year was a fluke or Babin really did put it all together under Washburn? Also, if Babin's success was all a result of Jim Washburn's genius, wouldn't Washburn be just as likely to mine gold from one of the guys the Eagles already have like Juqua Parker, Darryl Tapp, Daniel Te'O-Nesheim, or Ricky Sapp? Plus, of course first round pick Brandon Graham when he's healthy?

Babin will certainly require good money to come here, but not as much as a guy like Ray Edwards would.