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Kevin Kolb Trade Rumors: ESPN Says Deal For DRC And A Pick Will Happen

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that there has been progress in the talks between the Eagles and Cardinals in the trade for Kevin Kolb and that a deal will be done within 48 hours. Schefter says the deal will include pro bowl corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a draft pick. The question is now is whether that will be a first or second round pick or whether it would be conditional depending on how Kolb plays or other factors.

Either way, the prevailing feeling around the league is now that the deal will get done. It makes sense with Matt Hasselbeck signing in Tennessee and Kyle Orton reportedly on the verge of a move to Miami. Really, the QB market has shrunk down to Kolb as the only viable QB left and the Cardinals as the only viable destination. So, if the two sides were playing a leverage game, it's basically over. The Cardinals can't sell Marc Bulger as their starter or the likes of John Skelton either. Kolb is the only real guy left and they are desperate for a QB.

For the Eagles, the deal fills their massive hole at corner with a 25 year old former pro bowler. DRC didn't have a great year last season, but is certainly still one of the best young corners in the NFL and is signed for two more years. They have to give up a guy who is at least a valuable backup and at best a franchise QB... but with Michael Vick making the position his own last year, Kolb is expendable. Plus, there's been rumors that the Eagles have been doing their diligence on other QBs as potential backups to Vick, with the most notable being Vince Young.