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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Darren Sproles Choosing Between Eagles, Saints & Chargers

According to a report from the San Diego Times-Union The Eagles are among the three finalists for San Diego Chargers do-everything back, Darren Sproles. Per the report, Sproles is deciding between the Chargers, Eagles and Saints with his choice expected to come soon.

Sproles' size has prevented him from ever being an every down NFL back, but as a complimentary guy he's become a very productive player. He has the ability to break off exciting runs, but most of his value comes in the passing game and as a return man. Sproles has returned a total of four kicks and punts for TDs.  He caught 59 passes for 529 yards and rushed for 267 yards (5.7 per) last season. Over the last two years, he's had 19 offensive plays of over 20 yards.

So he's a home run hitter, he would provide value on special teams and would take some of the load off LeSean McCoy. When when we think about what a backup running back should be, we usually always focus on how many carries he might get per game. But when you look at LeSean McCoy and the Eagles offense, it really is about how many touches he's getting. McCoy had 207 carries last year, but he caught nearly 80 passes. So we're talking nearly 300 touches. Sproles could take some carries of his hands, but could also relieve McCoy of some touches in the passing game as well.