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Eagles, Vince Young Reportedly Agree To One Year Deal

“Give us your poor, your disgraced, your disappointing quarterbacks.” I don’t believe that is written on the doors of the Eagles’ NovaCare complex, but maybe it should be. NFL Network’s Albert Breer reports that the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a one year deal with former Titans’ QB Vince Young to become Michael Vick’s backup this season.

The deal will apparently not be able to be official until sometime tomorrow as Young is still technically on waivers. Of course, no signings that have been reported this week will be become official until Friday.

The deal has actually been rumored for several weeks. Chris Mortenson reported that the Eagles and Dolphins had been the two teams that have done the most homework on Young over the summer. Then, an ESPN report today said that sources close to Young confirmed that the interest was mutual.

“One person who knows Young said he’s equally intrigued with the idea of learning from Vick, Eagles coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who have done a first-rate job of training quarterbacks.”

Yesterday we did more in depth analysis on what Young’s impact could be in Philadelphia and took a look at his career so far.