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Free Agency Rumors: Plaxico Burress "A Real Possibility" For Eagles

There was much speculation this offseason, mostly fueled by Plaxico himself, that the WR would be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles next season after spending the better part of the last two years in prison. However, once the NFL opened for business again and the Eagles started moving with their offseason plans, that talked died down. In fact, most of the speculation was that Burress would end up back with either the Giants or Steelers.

However, former Eagles LB and current WIP host Ike Reese is reporting that “reliable sources” tell him that Burress to the Eagles is a “real possibility.”

After signing Nnamdi Asomugha and Jason Babin, plus still with the DeSean Jackson contract to deal with, the Eagles can’t still be flush with cap space. So it’s not likely that they would offer Burress huge money, but that may not be exactly what he’s looking for. Being part of the “dream team” as Vince Young put it, may be enough to get Plaxico to take something short term and cheap.

Plus, to be honest, at 34 years old and two years out of prison, it’s not like anyone was going to pony up big money for him anyway. So being in a place where he has a chance to win should probably be enough.