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Howie Roseman Discusses Impact Of Cullen Jenkins

Eagles GM Howie Roseman met the media today to announce the signing of former Packer Cullen Jenkins and discuss his role and impact on the team this year.

On whether Jenkins will play defensive tackle or defensive end?

"He can really play both. On 3rd down he rushes from the inside and we think he makes a difference in that role. In this defense and this scheme we really utilize all his talents."

However, Roseman later noted "one of the reasons we got him is because he’s such a good inside pass rusher." Clearly the Eagles seem him as a pass rushing DT in this system.

Roseman also said that the chance to come to Philadelphia was a draw for Jenkins.

"This is a guy that we didn’t we’d have the opportunity to acquire. But it’s a tribute to Cullen for he wanting to come to Philadelphia. He had opportunities to go elsewhere and he was a highly coveted played but he decided he wanted to come to Philadelphia and we had to make that happen."

He says that the desire to come here is something he’s seeing from a lot of free agents.

"This organization as a whole is a selling point. People want to come to Philadelphia because of the organization. Having coach Reid and a quarterback like Michael [Vick] and the players we have…. when you talk to agents, people want to come to Philly."

Also, Roseman was asked whether the fact that they’ve now signed three free agents who are 30 years old signals some sort of change in philosophy for a team that has always been resistant to giving big deals to older players. Roseman that’s not really the case and that given how young their roster is, they see a chance to add different types of players.