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Report: Jeremy Maclin Illness News To Come Today

A member of Jeremy Maclin's family told the Sporting News that "he's fine" and that there will "definitely" be news about his condition tomorrow.

The oddest and most under-reported story of Philadelphia Eagles training camp so far has been the mystery illness of WR Jeremy Maclin. The third year WR has yet to participate in practice and the Eagles have only said that it is due to his undergoing testing for an undisclosed illness. All we really know is that earlier this summer Maclin experienced "mono-like symptoms" and lost about 15 pounds. However, he did put nearly all the weight back on and was one of the few Eagles working out almost every day down in Marlton. He's also been at camp every day and while he has not practiced, he certainly doesn't look as if anything is wrong with him.

And yet, as the Eagles have refused to discuss exactly what is keeping him out of camp. Prior to the Eagles preseason game with the Ravens, Maclin too a scheduled trip back home to St Louis to see a doctor, who is a friend of his family (his father is also a doctor). Today, Sporting News reporter Steve Greenberg spoke to a member of Maclin's immediate family, who had some things to say that Eagles fans should find reassuring.

I'm told by a member of Jeremy Maclin's immediate family that there "definitely" will be news on Tuesday regarding the Eagles WR's health "He's fine, he's fine," says Maclin's family member. "That much I can say." Also is "confident" that Maclin will play this season.

As for speculation Maclin's mysterious illness may be a dire matter, family member says: "It's not."

Last week Andy Reid said "I know he can play football. That part I know" and said Maclin "will be fine." In fact, that's generally been the feeling from anyone connected to the Eagles or Maclin when asked about his condition. However, that hasn't stopped the rampant speculation as to what might be wrong with him. Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news that puts all that nonsense to bed.