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Eagles Vs Browns: Michael Vick Excited To Get Back Into Action

Michael Vick and the Eagles will be looking to erase their bad memories from last week as they face the Browns this Thursday at Lincoln Financial Field

Michael Vick and the Eagles offense looked super sharp against a very good Ravens defense in preseason week one. In week two, against yet another very good defense in Pittsburgh, they looked terrible. Vick threw three interceptions and overall the offense was just dominated. So it's no surprise that they're chomping at the bit to get back on the field and erase that memory of last week.

"Absolutely, you know as a competitor and as a player you always want to go out and put on a great performance." Vick said, "And you're able to go back and look at the film and you know why certain things happened the way it happened and what could have been done differently. And like I said last week, that's a positive. I know why I made the mistakes that I made and how I can correct them and I'm just going to go out this weekend and try to put on a great performance. As long as I'm out there, even though it's preseason, it's still a game."

Vick says that he studied the film of last week's game and knows where he went wrong.

"I mean, I just learned a lot just watching the film. And you know, I don't think I need to go into a big dissertation about what happened. But obviously we all know that it could've been better. And I think it's just playing with a sense of urgency, you know just going out and making sure that you make the right decisions. You know, every interception I threw last week could have been prevented just by making a better decision with the football, that's it."

The starters are expected to play into the second half in what is usually the Eagles final real warm up before the season this Thursday against the Browns. There will be one more preseason game after that, but typically no important players or starters will appear in that game.