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Eagles 24, Browns 14: Michael Vick Discusses Eagles Bounceback Win

The Eagles rebounded from ugly performance last week against the Steelers with a much more solid effort in their 24-14 win over the Browns. Michael Vick scored his first rushing touchdown of the preseason on that play we saw him run so many times in the red zone last year where he rolls right, sees some daylight and just beats the defenders to the pylon for a TD.

“The guys were in the right spot," Vick said. "I came over and tried to find [WR] Jason [Avant], and the outside defensive end just got pushed down inside real hard. There was an open lane so I took advantage of it.”

The very young right side of the Eagles line struggled mightily to protect Vick early and the QB paid for it with some nasty hits. However, they did a better job as the half wore on and Vick noted how the offense was able to develop some rhythm.

“It was great to be able to get back out there with the guys and play two full quarters and play with a different mindset. We went into this game knowing that we were going to play at least three quarters and we wanted to put on a good performance. We started out a little shaky but we got it together.”

Vick finished 10-18 for 98 yards to go along with 24 yards rushing and a TD.