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MIchael Vick Contract Includes $36 Million In Guarantees

Michael Vick agreed to a new six year, $100 deal with the Philadelphia Eagles today and some of the terms of the deal are finally starting to leak out. It was initially reported that the deal included $40 million in guarnateed money, however Jason LaCanfora is reporting that the guaranteed money is only $36 million. While that does probably give the Eagles some flexibility later in the deal, but it’s still a massive deal and quite a big reward for the pro bowler.

The $36 million in guarantees works out to be right around two years of the average $16.7M per year average value of the deal. LaCanfora also says that much like the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning extensions, the deal essentially becomes a series of one year deals when the guaranteed money runs out after the first few years of the deal.

La Canfora also says that the deal is not particularly backloaded. Meaning there isn’t a final year of the deal that’s worth $20 million that he has no chance of ever seeing just to inflate the final number. That means that if he plays for a high level for the next six seasons, he’ll have every chance to earn the full $100 million of this deal.