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Eagles Vs Falcons: Michael Vick Generating Interesting Prop Bets

Michael Vick’s return to Atlanta for the first time as a starter is certainly generating a lot of interest from media and fans, and it appears that Vegas is looking to cash in. Sports books have laid out a number of interesting prop bets related to Vick this weekend. Let’s check out a few courtesy of Bodog, while also not missing the irony of the whole thing given that Michael Vick is no longer in Atlanta thanks to his involvement with an illegal gambling operation centered around dogfighting…

Michael Vick – Total Passing Yards Week 2

Over/Under 265½

Michael Vick – Total Rushing Yards Week 2

Over/Under 55½

Michael Vick – Total TD Passes Week 2

Over 1½ (-150)

Under 1½ (+120)

Michael Vick – Total Interceptions Week 2

Over ½ (-150)

Under ½ (+120)

Michael Vick – Will he rush for a TD in the game?

Over +110

Under -140

How many times will Michael Vick be shown in a Falcons uniform during the live Broadcast of the Eagles/Falcons game Week 2?

Over 1½ (-150)

Under 1½ (+110)

How many times will Michael Vick’s $100,000,000 contract be mentioned during the live Broadcast of the Eagles/Falcons game Week 2?

Over 1½ (+150)

Under 1½ (-200)

I gotta say, the over on both of those last two is tempting. It’s a given that both will happen at least one right at the top of the broadcast, so you only need to Sunday Night Football crew, who always goes super in depth into everything, to talk about the contract or show Vick as a Falcon one more time to cash in. Seems pretty likely. At least a lot moreso than if it were just a normal Sunday afternoon game.

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