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Eagles Vs Falcons: Steve Smith Looking For First Catch As An Eagle

When Steve Smith signed with the Eagles this offseason, the speculation was that it could be several weeks, maybe even months before he was ready to play. Smith had suffered a knee injury last December with the Giants and had microfracture surgery to repair it. So many were surprised when in week one, Smith was active and actually played. Unfortunately, he did not catch a pass, but Smith says he can contribute to this offense and will only learn more as he gets more reps.

"I definitely think I can contribute," Smith said. "We have so many weapons and it's hard to get everyone the ball, but the coaches have been doing a good job of getting me reps, and learn this offense which is key."

Smith, who joined the team late in the shortened free agency period, says the extra reps he's taken in practice have been helpful as he continues to learn the offense.

"I've been taking a lot of reps and I've gotten the offense down pretty well. It's different when you're in the huddle hearing it with [QB] Mike [Vick] and you have to get out there fast. So I think they've been very helpful."

Finally, while Smith said it just felt good to be on the field last week,now it's time to start producing.

"Oh yeah, definitely. They've embraced me here, and you know, just helped me so much. And I'm excited, just happy to be playing, and now it's time for me to get that catch."

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