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Eagles Vs Falcons: CFL Sack Leader Phillip Hunt Set For NFL Debut

The Eagles have ruled out defensive end Darryl Tapp for tonight’s game, which opens up an opportunity for Phillip Hunt to be active and make his NFL debut. The Eagles signed the CFL’s sack leader of a year ago and after an impressive preseason he’s excited to finally get his shot in the NFL.

"Oh yeah, most definitely," Hunt said. "The opportunity has presented itself and I have to make the most of it and make plays and do what I have to do to be a legitimate guy in this league."

Hunt was also asked whether he found it difficult to be sitting on the sidelines last week while the rest of the defensive line racked up sack after sack?

"No it wasn’t difficult, because my teammates, they’re my friends, too. So I like to see them do well. So when [DE Darryl] Tapp and everybody else, [DE Jason] Babin, was getting those sacks I was on the sideline cheering them on; even when [DE] Juqua [Parker] ran it for a touchdown, I was on the sidelines running along side him. So it was a great time last weekend. I look to implement a few of those things that they did last week."

Given how much the Eagles rotated their defensive line last week, Hunt is certainly going to get plenty of snaps. It will be interesting to see how his performance in the preseason translates to the real thing.

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