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Eagles Vs Falcons: Michael Vick Talks Atlanta Defense And The Dome

No doubt you've heard that Michael Vick will be making his first start in Atlanta since 1996 this week. ESPN might have mentioned it once it or twice... However, with all the talk about the emotions surrounding the game and his possible reception by the Falcons faithful, we might have lost the real issues surrounding the game. Namely, this is the second of back to back road games the Eagles will be playing, with both games in a noisy dome. Vick says that he thinks that helps.

"Yeah, I think it certainly helps the fact that we had some experience last week and had to open it up in a dome," said Vick. "So the crowd noise this week is just like a common thing for us now. You know, and it's really not going to be a factor. You know it's going to be loud in there and your concentration level has to be high."

According to Vick, the Eagles need to play fast and use their speed on the fast track in the dome to counter the aggressive Eagles defense.

"They're a very aggressive defense. I think they have strengths in all areas, you know, the pass rush, and the linebackers doing their job [and] they cover well in the secondary. So it's just going to be about us executing, you know, tempoing in and out of the huddle and using our speed to try and create advantages."

All that said, we can't ignore that there is something special here with Vick returning to Atlanta after once again becoming a starter and an All-Pro.

"Absolutely, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited." said Vick. "But you just have to be able to know that it's a game that we have to get taken care of. And I'm excited about it, though. It's going to be great to go back to the dome, but at the same time our emotions have to be under control and you just have to be a pro about everything."

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