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Michael Vick Injury: Vick Leaves Game After Possible Concussion

Michael Vick has been taken out of the game with what could be a concussion after smacking helmets with Eagles RT Todd Herremans. Vick was taken down after a throw fairly lightly, but on his way down he collided helmets with Todd Herremans and was very slow to get up. When he did, you could see him spitting up blood as he walked off the field and looked completely out of sorts on the sidelines. He could be seen clearly holding his head on the bench.


It was really just a bad luck kind of play. Vick wasn’t even hit hard and had his head up watching for what was happening after the pass. It was just incidental contact with Herremans, but it was violent. Vick has now been taken to the locker room for concussion tests. He looked a little better walking off than he did sitting on the bench, but is still clearly feeling the effects of the shot.

Vick’s exit made way for Mike Kafka, who handed off to LeSean McCoy for a TD to put the Eagles up 31-21 heading into the 4th quarter.

[Note by JasonB, 09/18/11 11:18 PM EDT ] The Eagles are now saying that Vick is out with a neck injury and that he bit his tongue. No word on a possible return.

[Note by JasonB, 09/19/11 12:05 AM EDT ] In his post game press conference Andy Reid confirmed that Vick suffered a concussion. So his status for next week is doubt.

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