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Video: Dunta Robinson's Illegal Hit On Jeremy Maclin

This is a textbook example of an illegal helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless WR. Robinson was flagged o the play and almost certainly will be fined by the league. The question is whether a suspension will follow as well? The NFL did say that they would start suspending players for repeat or egregious violations and if Dunta Robinson isn't that, then what it is?

This was 100% intentional, he is a repeat offender having done the same thing to DeSean Jackson last year... If this is isn't suspension worthy, then might as well not even bother having suspension as an option. After the game, Maclin and Jackson were pretty clear about their feelings on Robinson.

"He's two for two now," Maclin said. "Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as Jack's was last year. I guess we'll see what Roger Goodell has in store for him."

Jackson didn't think too much of Robinson's hit on Maclin.

"I guess that's what type of player he is," Jackson said. "He tries to go for the kill shot and things like that. He got a flag for it, so just glad Jeremy is OK."

For his part, Robinson claims it was a legal hit and doesn't feel that he will face discipline for it. See the video and judge for yourself, but Robinson is out of his mind he thinks this is a clean hit.