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NFL Cuts 2011: Eagles Release Nine Players

The Eagles have until Saturday to trim their roster down to the 53 man limit for the regular season. With about 70 players currently under contract, that means that Andy Reid and co have a lot of work to do and a lot of players to let go. Of course, those guys that do last until Saturday when the final cut is made still aren’t safe. Undoubtedly there will be players that other teams let go that the Eagles will have interest in.

In addition, all is not lost for the players who were let go. After the cuts are made, the Eagles will build their practice squad and several of these players are likely to be on it. So, with cuts underway, the Eagles announced their first nine releases and there are no big surprises.

CB Jamar Wall, WR Rod Harper, DE Chris Wilson, LB Rashad Jeanty, C A.Q. Shipley, TE Cornelius Ingram, FB Stanley Havili, G Dallas Reynolds, RB Graig Cooper

[Update 09/02/11 6:50 PM EDT ] Brandon Graham and Winston Justice have been placed on the PUP list and will be unavailable for the first six weeks of the season.