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Michael Vick Injury: Andy Reid On Vick's Chances Of Playing This Weekend

The Eagles host the Giants in their home opener this weekend and the big question is whether QB Michael Vick will be ready to start or not. He sustained a concussion late in the third quarter of this past Sunday's game against the Falcons and needs to pass all of the NFL's mandated concussion tests before being cleared to play. Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder detailed the process of that testing right here. Head coach Andy Reid sounded encouraged by his conversations with Vick, but says "the test won't lie"

"The test, that won't lie to us. The test is what it is." Reid said "That's what it is so you go by that. We're not going to fudge anything, if he's injured he's injured and we move on. I know he wants to play; I talked to him at length after we met the media, after I met with you guys, I had an opportunity to sit down with him and talk to him, and he remembered everything, recalled everything. I tried to quiz him a little bit on things and see where he was at. He was frustrated from the fact that he wasn't able to finish. Obviously, he had a little vested interest in finishing the game there, and wanted to and so on."

Reid did that say Vick would not necessarily have to practice this week in order to play on Sunday against the Giants. Reid said that there's no deadline for him to decide whether Vick can play or not?

"I'm lucky that I'm the head coach and I get to make that decision any day I want. We'll see, we'll see how it goes. The one thing we know is that it's a complicated defense that's coming in, they run a lot of different things against you, and so you would like the guy that's starting to get as many reps as he possibly can. On the other hand of that, Michael has played against them and I think they've given you about every look they could possibly give you over the last couple of games, I'm saying the last couple of Giants games. So that's just something I'll have to weigh when we get there."

As for whether Vince Young would be healthy enough to play in Vick's play or whether he would give Mike Kafka a shot? Reid non-committal.

"I've got to think through the whole thing here. First of all, we told Michael to sleep in if possible and get some rest here, so I've not met with him today. Rick's got him coming in later. I'll have a chance to talk with him, see how everything unfolds, and I'm fortunate that I've got two other quarterbacks that I have confidence in. I'll sit down with both of them as we go, if it ends up being that with Michael where he can't play."