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Michael Vick: "I Feel Great And Ready To Play"

The Eagles have officially listed Michael Vick as questionable for this weekend's home opener against the Giants, but all signs point to hi being ready to play. He has been symptom free after suffering a concussion last week against the Falcons and was recently cleared by an independent neurosurgeon to return to practice. Plus, the QB himself says he's ready to go.

"I feel great and ready to play, nothing feels different. So I feel like I've worked myself back into good condition and playing shape and I'm ready to go." Vick continued, "There's no reason to think that I won't play on Sunday. I think after having two good practices, basically I'll be able to go out there, and I'm very excited about the opportunity to go out and play against the New York Football Giants."

The hit that Vick took which caused the concussion was really kind of a fluke where he ended up smacking helmets with his own guy and he says it's not going to change the way he plays.

"You know, I haven't even thought about getting hit. I play this game to win, not thinking about the consequences of staying in the pocket or running or not or getting hit when I run with the football. So I think you just have to play with confidence and not try to worry about it and put it in the back of your mind and let things play out for itself."

He was also asked whether he thought the Giants would be coming after him with extra blitzes in an attempt to get him out of the game?

"I mean, they want me out of the game because they don't want me in the game. I mean, having to deal with me for 60 minutes, I understand the magnitude of that. So it's fun, it's a game and that's why I'm here. And I play the way I play for a reason and we're going to have fun. I look forward to the challenge, competitively, and we're excited about it over here. I know they've been doing a lot of talking but they're the New York Football Giants."

Plus, Vick says he knows what the Giants are going to do with their blitzing and he plans to be prepared.

"I've improved a lot in picking up the blitz, in seeing the blitz, knowing where to go with the blitz outlets. We know New York's MO, we know what they like to do, and I've watched them on film plenty of times. I watched all the games from last year. I watched the last two games. I watched them in preseason. So I know what they like to do, so it's going to be a great game and I can't wait until Sunday."