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Michael Vick Injury: QB Could Miss 3-4 Weeks

Howard Eskin reported last night that the Eagles are "preparing" to be without Michael Vick for "three to four weeks" as he recovers from a fracture to his non-throwing hand. While the team has yet to do an MRI on the hand, Eskin claims that the team will be preparing to play without him.

Eskin also says that Riley Cooper will be out "one to two weeks" with a concussion, but Jeremy Maclin, who suffered a strained hamstring, will likely play next week.

Like a few people have mentioned in the comments, this would seem like a prime time to be without Vick for a week... but only a week. The 49ers are coming to town next week and if the Eagles can't beat them with Vince Young under center, then we shouldn't even be worrying about playoff implications.

However, after that it starts to get very tough. The game at Buffalo the following week is looking much tougher than it did before the season. Then the Eagles stay on the road to Washington who is at least a decent team with a good defense and then they're back home to face Dallas and the Bears back to back. So that's a very tough part of the schedule and given the poor start the team is off to, the Eagles really can't afford a bunch of losses in there. Especially considering that so many are division and conference opponents.