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Eagles vs 49ers: Michael Vick Focused On Ball Security With Injured Hand

There was a sigh of relief around the Eagles world when it was revealed that Michael Vick only had a contusion, rather than a fracture in his hand. However, that’s not to say that a contusion isn’t a big deal, especially when it’s on bone and causes significant swelling. When that swelling is in the hand and prevents you from gripping a ball… you’ve got serious problems.

Vick said this week that while he can grip the ball, he’s still going to play through a significant amount of pain.

“I tested it in the walk-through and it’s pretty painful, but I have to do what I have to do. I have to get out there and support my teammates, and try to get back into it.”

But he says the key is simply to block it out.

“Just blocking it out. Like offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg always tells me, it’s all in your mind. I’m trying to take that kind of approach and hopefully it’ll work. I think it will. I’m just going to try and go out there and not think about it, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Of course, the biggest issue with having an injured hand is ball security. Whether he’s able to play through pain or not, it’s simply a fact that the hand is not going to be as strong as it would be if he was healthy. So he says he’ll have to be extra focused on securing the ball this week.

“I was thinking in my meeting today that the most important thing this week will be to protect the ball. The good thing is I don’t put the ball in my right hand and I’m predominantly left handed when I’m running the ball. I just have to take care of the football and even if I have two hands that are 100 percent, I still can’t turn the ball over. It’s just something I have to mentally prepare for, and I think I’m strong enough to do that. I have to go out there and be mentally conscious of everything going on around me.”

That’s certainly my biggest concern because he’s already somewhat dubious in the fumbling department given the way he plays anyway. A beat up hands certainly won’t help. Obviously getting rid of the ball quicker and actually tucking it away when he runs would both certainly help in that area.