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NFL Cuts 2011: Big Names Released Around The NFL

NFL teams released well over 600 players today as cut down day arrived in the NFL. As of right now all teams are at the 53 man roster limit and to get there several let go some familiar names. Perhaps the most notable was Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather, who has made two straight pro bowls. Problem is, he hasn't been nearly deserving of them and has mostly gotten votes based on his reputation as a first round pick and for the fact that he's on the Patriots. His release today should serve notice to general public what many NFL watchers have known for a while, Meriweather is one of the most overrated players in the NFL.

The Chicago Bears released Chester Taylor today after releasing a week ago and then rescinding it. Taylor was one of the guys acquired in Bears "spending spree" prior to last season. I remember them introducing Taylor, Brandon Manumaleuna & Julius Peppers all at the same press conference when they signed the trio on the opening weekend of free agency. Just one is still with the team.

Our old pal Max Jean-Gilles was released by the Bengals today. He was the habitual backup in Philly for years and thanks to the ever rotating RG spot, actually ended up starting 25 games for the Eagles.... Now he can't make the Bengals.

The Dolphins cut CB Will Allen and RB Larry Johnson, presumably when they realized it was 2006 anymore.

If you're looking for a possible linebacker to shake loose the Eagles could be interested in, the Ravens released former 3rd round pick Tavares Gooden. He's never been able to crack the lineup with regularity in Baltimore, but that's certainly not an easy unit to get a starting job in. That said, Gooden was one of the highest rated LBs in the country and never quite realized that potential at Miami and now in the NFL he hasn't either. So in all likelihood he is what he is.