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Eagles Vs Rams: Andy Reid Talks About Facing Former Assistant Steve Spagnuolo

Steve Spagnuolo worked as a defensive position coach for seven year under Andy Reid before getting hired to run the Giants defense and later becoming head coach of the Rams. Obviously having been in meetings and gameplanning sessions with one another for so long, it’s safe to assume that Reid and Spagnuolo know pretty well how the other works. Andy was asked today whether he sees coaching against a former pupil as a challenge.

“When we first started here we had a few games against Seattle that were okay." Reid said. "And then, we’ve had a few of the other ones. But that’s how things work; we’ve had a couple good ones against Minnesota prior to. And I know there’s some pretty good coaches that I’ve worked for and also have left here so I respect them.”

Andy says that while it’s fun to see his former assistants, in the end it doesn’t mean whole lot once the game begins.

“Well, you know, I think when it’s all said and done you play the game, that’s what you do. So you really don’t get into all that part of it. Once the ball’s snapped it’s about the guys playing and making sure that you maintain your focus as a coach and that you prepare yourself and are as sharp as you possibly can be.”