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Eagles Vs Redskins: Michael Vick TD Gives Birds 10-0 Lead At The Half

It’s been a fairly ugly affair so far at Lincoln Financial Field as the Philadelphia Eagles take a 10-0 lead into the half over the Washington Redskins. Both QBs have been under siege for most of the first half and each have turned the ball over once. The difference in the game is that Michael Vick found Chad Hall for a TD after the Skins’ turnover and the Redskins put on a comical display in the red zone after the Eagles turnover.

First, the Chad Hall TD will go down as one of the most embarrassing highlights of DeAngelo Hall’s career. The 187 pound Chad Hall catches the ball in front of DeAngelo, then on a second effort pushes past both he and a Redskins LB for a TD. Again, Chad Hall is 5-9, 187 pounds.

The Redskins had a golden opportunity to close the gap at the half after Michael Vick fumbled following a sack giving Washington great field position. Rex Grossman would find Jabar Gaffney near the end zone to give the Skins first and goal. However, on the next play Santana Moss drew a 15 yard penalty after taking his helmet off to argue that he deserved a pass interference call. Then, Rex Grossman would hit Gaffney again, but with no timeouts and the clock rolling, Gaffney opted not to go down and run diagonally across the field, wasting all the time the team would have needed to get their FG team on the field.

Even if they had gotten the FG unit out, the Skins offensive line had already assumed their positions as if they were going to run another offensive play as the FG team stood behind them trying to figure out what was going on. It was a pretty comical way to end the half for the Redskins.