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Philadelphia Eagles 2012 Schedule Revealed

While we won't know the dates for a few months, we do know where and who the Eagles will be playing next year by virtue of their second place finish in the NFC East. In addition to playing the NFC East home and away, here are the Eagles opponents for next season.


Falcons, Panthers, Ravens, Bengals and Lions


Saints, Buccaneers, Browns, Steelers and Cardinals

Obviously it's almost impossible to tell how good any of those teams will be next year. As we've seen this season, teams you expect to be awful (49ers, Bengals) are good and teams you expect to be postseason contenders (Eagles, Chargers, Jets) aren't. But certainly you can expect that New Orleans and Pittsburgh on the road will both be tough.

The home schedule includes five 2011 playoff teams while the away schedule only has two. Despite the Eagles home record in recent years, you would rather play your tough games at home...