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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Philadelphia Eagles Take Vontaze Burfict

As we all know, the dream team turned into a nightmare this past season. Going into 2012 the Eagles need to make some moves defensively, and the Bleacher Report seems to agree.

The mock draft has Philadelphia taking linebacker Vontaze Burfict of Arizona State with it's first pick. Burfict is the type of boom or bust player that excites fans and makes them worry at the same time. He has incredible talent but a reputation as somewhat of a head-case.

Burfict would come in and presumably start right away. Andy Reid has to be thinking defense with his first selection. While the offensive line needs help, the left tackle spot isn't a problem. Unless everything else on the team is perfect, you're probably not going to draft any other O-Line position in the initial round.

Of course, all of this is subject to change once the NFL Combine starts a month from now in Indianapolis. All it takes for any of these NFL hopefuls is one slip-up in a drill (especially the 40-yard dash) and their stock plummets. Conversely, a good showing can move them up a couple of rounds.

If Burfict does stay near the top of most boards as expected, it'll be interesting to see what the Eagles if he's available when they're on the clock in April.

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