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Asante Samuel returns to Philly hoping for cheers

Atlanta Falcons cornerback and former Eagle Asante Samuel is hoping for a warm reception when he returns to Philadelphia this Sunday.

Kevin C. Cox

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Asante Samuel in the offseason and now, as a member of the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons, the cornerback would like to see a show of support from the Philly faithful, according to an article by Jeff McLane of on Friday.

"They better cheer for me," Samuel said to reporters in the article. "They're going to cheer for me, or we're going to have a problem right there in Lincoln Financial [Field]. All you all fans, all I did for you all, you all better cheer for me. Deuce here. Got nothing but love for you all."

The four-time Pro Bowler was swapped for a seventh round draft pick in April after the Eagles agreed to send him to the Falcons.

"Like I said in the beginning, it was a joint thing," Samuel said in the report. "It was something we all had to agree on together. We had other choices that I was not going to pick.

"Atlanta was a place I wanted to come. They tried to not let me come to Atlanta, but we got it done."