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Eagles vs. Falcons matchups

Michael Vick already has 13 turnovers this season. The Falcons are third in the NFL in interceptions.


Paul Domowitch at gives fans an extensive comparison of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. For Domowitch, the Falcons have an advantage at quarterback and wide receiver, but the Eagles have are stronger at running back and defensive line.

He also goes over some of the game's key matchups:

1. Eagles DEs Jason Babin and Trent Cole vs. Falcons OTs Sam Baker and Tyson Clabo: Babin and Cole haven't had a sack since Week 3. Baker and Clabo both are going to have problems in one-on-one situations. Advantage: Eagles

2. Eagles QB Michael Vick vs. Falcons CB Asante Samuel: Nobody is better at studying quarterback tendencies than Samuel. Vick's already got eight interceptions. Advantage: Falcons

3. Eagles LT King Dunlap vs. Falcons RDE John Abraham: Abraham lines up on both the left and right sides. But he'll likely want to get matched up against Dunlap as much as possible. Advantage: Falcons

Click here to read the whole article, and to find out who Domowitch picks to win the game.