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Asante Samuel rips Andy Reid, Eagles

Asante Samuel mocked Andy Reid after the Atlanta Falcons' win over the Philadelphia Eagles, criticizing the behavior coach who was responsible for his offseason departure from the Eagles and saying the team should consider firing him.

Rob Carr

Asante Samuel really enjoyed the Atlanta Falcons' victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, making it clear that he savored the opportunity to beat his old team and the coach who ran him out of town.

Samuel spoke to press after the game, and spoke disparagingly about Andy Reid. He said that Reid's behavior wasn't "first class", and that the Eagles should consider firing their longtime coach.

I don't wish that on nobody. Even though I got done pretty bad, I don't wish that on nobody. Make sure you put that. I don't wish nobody get fired, but maybe, I don't know. Maybe something's gotta be done. It's nothing personal. It's just business. It's nothing personal. I don't know why you didn't speak to me, but it's not personal.

The veteran cornerback also took issue with Reid's decision not to talk to him after the game, saying that he patted the coach on his "big belly" but that the greeting was not returned.

He didn't speak to me. Like it's my fault. What did I do to you? I think it was the way we were dancing.

The full clip of Samuel's postgame comments is available at Bleeding Green Nation.