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NFL Power Rankings: Eagles falling after three straight losses

Firing their defensive coordinator didn't seem to help the Eagles much, and now they're seemingly getting close to being forced to replace something more significant like head coach or quarterback.

Rich Schultz

With a third straight loss, the 2012 season for the Eagles certainly isn't going as planned. After firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and replacing him with Todd Bowles, the Eagles gave up 392 yards of total offense and more points than they have all year.

They may be getting closer to replacing more significant positions like head coach and quarterback, if they don't begin to make improvements and fast. In Ryan Van Bibber's latest power rankings on SB Nation, he still has the Eagles in the top of half of the league, but not by much:

14. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 13, 3-4): After the season, Andy Reid and Mike Holmgren, both unceremoniously relieved of their duties, plan to tour the Pan-American Highway on Honda Goldwings, dressed in moo moos with the exact same print. It will be madcap fun until they run afoul of some sadistic federales.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports also has the Eagles just barely in the top half of the league, although he seemingly suggests a change at the quarterback position could be coming, while Van Bibber suggests head coach:

15. They changed defensive coordinators, and it didn't matter. Is a change at quarterback coming soon?

ESPN has the Eagles just barely out of the top 16 in their power rankings, giving them the No. 18 spot, but it's Brian Billick of FOX that really doesn't think much of the team. They dropped four spots in his rankings and fell all the way out of the top 20:

The Eagles lost their first-ever game after a bye week under Andy Reid on Sunday, but their troubles are much greater than that. The buzz was that they will make a QB change, but early reports still have Vick in the lineup.

The Eagles will face the NFL's worst defense in Week 9 and Michael Vick will seemingly get the opportunity to redeem himself. If he can't, though, it's hard to imagine he's the starter in Week 10.