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NFL Picks And Predictions Week 5: Eagles Vs. Steelers

The Eagles are 3-1 and sit atop the NFC East, but most experts are still taking the 1-2 Steelers to come out on top Sunday afternoon.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Philadelphia Eagles will head to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers on Sunday coming off of a big win on Sunday night. The Eagles are at 3-1 on the year, while the Steelers are just 1-2. The Steelers are early three-point favorites for the game coming off of their bye week.

Several outlets have posted their picks ahead of Week 5, and most experts are taking the Steelers. Over at CBS Sports, Clark Judge, Ryan Wilson and Will Brinson picked the Eagles to top the Steelers with the other five members of their panel taking Pittsburgh to come out on top. Yahoo! also made their picks, with two of the four ( Mike Silver and Les Carpenter) going in favor of the Eagles. The majority over at ESPN liked the Steelers, as only Mike Ditka, Eric Allen, Mike Golic and Keyshawn Johnson took the Eagles from their 14 total picks.

The Eagles and Steelers are scheduled to kick off Sunday at 1 p.m. ET from Pittsburgh, with coverage provided by FOX.